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Please let me know what you think of my game!  I gladly welcome any and all feedback.  Just keep in mind that this initial version was made in seven days so some corners had to be cut!

*Project made for the 2018 Seven Day Roguelike Challenge

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How deep can you delve in the dragon’s lair?  Just don’t get too greedy or your loot will be the least of your problems.  Greedy Warlock is a deck-building card game and roguelike inspired by games like Slay the Spire and Clank!  Version 1.0 has over 25 cards for you to try out.  Be sure to mix and match strategies!    

Greedy Warlock uses an interesting risk-reward mechanic where you can leave the dungeon whenever you want.  However, your score is dependent on the amount of gold you plunder.  Warlocks around the world can even compete for high scores on the online leaderboard.

Published 5 days ago
GenreCard Game


GreedyWarlock v1.0.zip [7DRL Version] 14 MB

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